Mould King Nova Town Corner Post
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Mould King Nova Town Corner Post

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Product description

Build an art school and post office! This Art Nouveau corner building has an old-style post office on the ground floor and an art school on the upper floor. The model also includes an old mail truck!

• Modular three-story corner post office, the blue roof can be disassembled separately.
• Abundant lighting accessories include: light strips, power strips, light strips, connecting wires, light wires, battery boxes.
• Mailboxes, vases, street lights and seating seats are provided at the door
• Can build a red mail truck.
• Various decorations form multiple scenes, including the balcony on the second floor, flowers and water glasses, postmark stamps, etc.
• Botanical Garden measures over 35cm high, 26cm long and 26cm wide.
• This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 4,030 pieces.

Age-8 plus