JC Toys La Newborn Moments 17
JC Toys La Newborn Moments 17
JC Toys La Newborn Moments 17
JC Toys La Newborn Moments 17
JC Toys La Newborn Moments 17
JC Toys La Newborn Moments 17
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JC Toys La Newborn Moments 17" Baby Doll

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Make Bath Time Fun with this La Newborn Moments Doll Bath time just got even more fun, thanks to this adorable La Newborn Moments doll! This sweet little baby girl doll is ready for her bath, and she's attired in a prettily colored, princess-themed hooded towel that your child will love. Because she is anatomically correct, this baby girl doll is incredibly lifelike and perfect for teaching your child about caring for infants. Choose the Cutest Baby Princess Doll What's not to love about this cute baby princess doll by La Newborn? She's designed to have a playful, peek-a-boo expression, and her soft, colorful towel adds a whole new layer of realism and enjoyment. Your child will love bathing this sweet little doll and can immediately swaddle her up in her beautiful princess-themed towel. There's even a hood on the towel, so baby's head will stay nice and warm.


  • 15" BATH READY ANATOMICALLY CORRECT REAL GIRL BABY DOLL // Includes baby doll dressed in a diaper and adorable themed hooded towel and plastic bath accessory
  • POSEABLE ARMS, LEGS AND HEAD // Jointed at the shoulders, hips, and neck so you can rotate the legs and arms when adding and removing doll's clothing.
  • SAFETY TESTED AND APPROVED // MAde from non-scented, BPA free, safety tested vinyl. Soft & smooth to the touch yet durable for years. Water friendly too!
  • INTRICATELY DETAILED // Thanks to the award-winning creativity of the team at Designed by Berenguer, this doll has life-like dimples, folds and wrinkles.
  • MADE BY JC TOYS // A USA Family run, award-winning baby doll designer and producer with over 30 years experience creating real-life baby dolls. Proudly designed by Berenguer.
  • LIFE LIKE La Newborn dolls that capture a newborn baby’s special and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Our entire collection of Newborn expressions is created by master designer Salvador Berenguer and MADE IN SPAIN.
  • Realistic and life-like features; including soft vinyl skin, finely-detailed baby wrinkles, and cute, colorful, and sparkling eyes. Each doll is also ANATOMICALLY CORRECT.
  • Non-scented and spot washable body that meets all Toy Safety Requirements for children age 2 and older
  • Endless playtime fun! Comes dressed in a PRINCESS themed Hooded Bath Towel and Cloth Diaper.
  • Made by JC Toys, the world's leading doll manufacturer. This JC Toys product has been safety tested and approved for children 2+. Proud to be Designed by Berenguer