Nerf Minecraft Micro Cave Spider Blaster
Nerf Minecraft Micro Cave Spider Blaster
  • SKU: HSO106BOY01249

Nerf Minecraft Micro Cave Spider Blaster

QAR 99.00
  • This blaster takes inspiration from the beloved game Minecraft, resulting in eye-catching and original designs.
  • The Microshots Micro Cave Spider blaster is a single-shot launcher, firing one dart at a time.
  • Load your dart from the front, then pull down the reload handle and squeeze the trigger to unleash your shot.
  • The kit includes two Nerf Elite 2.0 foam darts, rigorously tested to ensure top-notch performance and quality.
  • Features a compact, single-shot, front-loading blaster with a 1-arrow magazine on the barrel.
  • Easy to use - simply load, unlock, and pull the trigger for hours of blasting excitement.
  • To ensure safety during play, it's recommended that players use protective eyewear (not included). Let the adventure begin!
  • 8 years above.