Viga Garage
Viga Garage
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Viga Garage

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'-This wooden toy is a two-level parking garage including gas station, car wash service and elevator, together with 3 cars and 1 helicopter. Not only can you drive the toy cars from floor to floor using the road ramps, you can also put them in the elevator and lift them up and down.
-Car parking garage toy is a good, open-ended toy that encourages creative games. In the process of playing, the kids’ hand-eye coordination ability is also fully exercised.
-The gas station on the first floor can ensure that every car can be fulfilled with fuel for hours of playtime. And the car wash service can help cars keep clean, which can cultivate good habit of keeping everything tidy in children.
- It gives kids' little hands more space to park, slide, twist and put things.
-The toy is durable and is great for tactile sensation and imagination.