Schleich Quad Escape From Velociraptor
Schleich Quad Escape From Velociraptor
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Schleich Quad Escape From Velociraptor

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Watch out, Flynn! There’s a ferocious Velociraptor lurking nearby – can you help our brave dino researcher escape on his quad ATV? Rescue the baby ankylosaurus and head to safety at the schleich® dino research station (sold separately). The perfect gift for dinosaur enthusiasts ages 4 and up, this dinosaur playset comes with a dino researcher toy, two dinosaur toys, the quad ATV toy, and related accessories.

Flynn Colby is the fearless dinosaur researcher who faces danger every day in the name of science alongside his brothers, Luis and Maxx. A removable helmet keeps Flynn safe as he traverses tough terrain on his quad ATV. Moveable arms keep him secure as he patrols dense jungles in the all-terrain four-wheeler toy, always alert for the stealthy Velociraptor. The lifelike detail of the Velociraptor toy immediately transports adventure-seekers and scientists of all ages to the Cretaceous Period, while the texture of the heavily armored ankylosaurus toy causes even the fierce carnivore to think twice about approaching. This dino playset is a part of schleich®’s DINOSAURS world of toys.

schleich® dinosaur toys introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From fierce Velociraptor figurines and the popular brachiosaurus toy to our popular Large Dino Research Station, schleich® DINOSAURS let your stories run wild. Authentic dinosaur toys prowl with rich, accurate detail and texture, while full-featured dinosaur playsets bring action and learning to life. Our dino toy figurines love to crawl, fly and swim their way into stories featuring schleich® mythical creature toys, farm animal figurines and toy wild animals! schleich® dinosaur toys and playsets are built to last for generations. All our toys meet the highest national, international, and prehistoric safety standards.