Yookidoo - Spin N Sprinkle Water Lab
Yookidoo - Spin N Sprinkle Water Lab
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  • معرف المنتج FRT106PRE00113

Yookidoo - Spin N Sprinkle Water Lab

QAR 79.00
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  • A water bath toy activity center that attaches to the tub and generates a double chain reaction of surprising water effects.
  • 2 bath tub water play accessories: A test tube container with 1-10 numbered volume marks and a detachable funnel for filling, pouring and playing. Test tube holder attaches to tub for playing and storing.
  • Pour water into the water gauge funnel to spin gauge and create 10 water sprays. Water causes eyes to roll, a stream from the mouth, and spins the propellor for endless hours of fun and learning
  • Boosts fine motor skills and hand eye coordination for toddlers and preschool aged children.
  • Encourages independent play and scientific exploration. Supports STEM by putting physics & mathematic concepts into play
  • 1 year old above.
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