10200 Nikko RC Nano Omni X2 Assorted
10200 Nikko RC Nano Omni X2 Assorted
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10200 Nikko RC Nano Omni X2 Assorted

QAR 199.00
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  • The Nano Speedracer with its omnidirectional wheels drives in any direction, cool 360° rotations and driving fun up to 14 km/h on 24 cm length - ready to race?
  • Control your drifts like no other! The full all-wheel action and the ingenious drift technology bring you to the limit! Batteries not included (4 x AA; 3 x AAA)
  • The remote control is equipped with a 2.4 GHz transmission technology that allows interference-free fun up to 40 metres range and even brings up to 10 players to the start at once
  • QUIET IN STYLE: The high quality rubber tyres make the remote control car easy and quietly. The cool racer with aerodynamic design will let you down in any parkour
  • Nikko RC Nano Omni X Remote Control Car in Blue, 24 x 15.5 x 7 cm, Omni Wheels for Ingenious 360° Drifts, Aerodynamic Design, for Children from 6 Years,
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