Ibrands CoComelon The Colour Learning Sheep
Ibrands CoComelon The Colour Learning Sheep
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Ibrands CoComelon The Colour Learning Sheep

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  • SHEEP CHANGES TO MATCH COLOUR - The fun activity that teaches your child colours! Place the sheep on any colour on the rainbow mat (included) and watch the Sheep magically light up and change to match the colour it's sitting on!
  • PLAYS THE NURSERY RHYME - Plays the iconic chorus of the "Baa Baa Sheep" song naming the colour it's sitting on so your child can learn each key colour in the most fun and exciting way! Night Light mode pulses through 8 colours for 10 minutes to soothe your child to sleep!
  • COLOURING LEARNING FUN - The sheep also works on flat surface objects with clear colour definition (within the colour spectrum of the rainbow mat). This will help teach your child the colours of other objects. Uses 2 x AAA batteries, available separately
  • GOLD AWARD - Awarded Best Learning/Educational toy by the MadeforMums Awards
  • STIMULATES CHILD DEVELOPMENT - Approved by Child Development and Educational Specialist Dr. Amanda Gummer. CoComelon Colour Learning Sheep is proven to teach colour recognition, encourage exploration and develop hand-eye co-ordination
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