Ibrands Wow Pods Marvel - Spiderman
Ibrands Wow Pods Marvel - Spiderman
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Ibrands Wow Pods Marvel - Spiderman

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Collect! Connect! Display your way!

The collectible that’s brought to life with light! Each character has a home in their own hex-shaped POD with built in UV lights.

Simply swipe to light your WOW! POD using your hand. See your chosen character, along with a hidden mystery feature, instantly revealed with light!

The size and shape of your display is only limited by your imagination… a wall of WOW! PODS that pop as you walk past them? A shelf display that you add to over time? You can even write your name or initials to create a display that it is undoubtedly and uniquely yours!

6 Marvel characters to collect; Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Loki, Groot, Black Widow.

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