BarbieᅠClub Chelsea Firetruck
BarbieᅠClub Chelsea Firetruck
BarbieᅠClub Chelsea Firetruck
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BarbieᅠClub Chelsea Firetruck

QAR 279.00
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  • Help Chelsea doll save the day with this fire engine featuring rolling wheels and design that opens to so many storytelling possibilities.
  • Kids can use the rescue ladder and foldable firehose, then expand the playset to reveal a sink, first aid station bunk bed and more.
  • Wearing an adorable fire fighter's uniform with a removeable skirt, helmet and boots, Chelsea doll (6 inches) and her pet puppy are ready to roll.
  • Customize the fire truck with the sticker sheet and play out the firefighting fun with over 15 storytelling accessories.
  • Playset folds up neatly and stores the doll and items for On-the-Go fun.
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