Cayro Chess
Cayro Chess
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Cayro Chess

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  • 🗂️ COMPONENTS: 1 board, chess pieces, instructions AGE: +8 LEVEL: 8 years old, primary
  • 👨 KEY COMPETENCES - Social and civic: respecting turn, tolerance to frustration, understanding codes of conduct, empathy. Learning to learn: listening to rules and checking that they are being applied well, perception of self-efficacy. Eye-hand coordination. Reasoning and strategic thinking
  • 👩 COGNITIVE SKILLS - Reasoning and strategic thinking. Problem solving and creative thinking to find new ways and solutions.
  • 🧠 MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES - Visual and spatial to find the right figures. Kinesthetic and corporal, fine motor skills are improved. Interpersonal, improving social relations and communication with playmates.
  • ⚙️ GAME DESCRIPTION - We introduce you to the ultimate strategy game with this wooden version, chess.
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