Bestway Dominator Pro Mask Assorted
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Bestway Dominator Pro Mask Assorted

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The Bestway® Dominator Pro™ diving mask is the ideal companion for an underwater adventure! This is ideal for children aged 14 and over as well as adults and can be used both in the pool and in the sea. Tempered Glass Lenses: The Dominator Pro™ features high-resolution tempered glass lenses. The material is both durable and scratch-resistant, meaning it can be used for many summers. This special design is ideal for deeper dives. Comfortable fit: The comfortable silicone edge seal effectively prevents water from entering the mask while ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The diving mask also has a fully adjustable silicone head strap that allows the size to be adjusted at any time. To ensure additional safety, no materials containing latex or PVC were used in the production of the Dominator Pro™.

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