Bestway 4 88m Sponge Soakers Double Slide
Bestway 4 88m Sponge Soakers Double Slide
Bestway 4 88m Sponge Soakers Double Slide
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Bestway 4 88m Sponge Soakers Double Slide

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This summer battle boredom with the Bestway® Sponge Soakers™ Double Slide. Grab your inflatable shields that double as boogie boards and race down the slide. Splash into the drench pool filled with colorful Sponge Soakers and enjoy the soft, tactile oasis. After sliding, prepare for a fun water fight dodging the soft sponges. Kids will enjoy the fun of a water fight and parents will enjoy the hassle free clean up. Pick up the bright colorful sponges and toss them at your friends beating the heat with every satisfying splash. Sponge Soakers are designed to absorb water, making a huge splash with each throw. Hop up from the splash pool and run through 2 bonus side sprinklers, enjoying the refreshing water spritz as you go. Combined with our SplashBoost™ Sprinkler technology, a system built to provide targeted water coverage to optimize sliding, spraying and splashing, this slide has all the features for a summer full of fun! Host the ultimate backyard party, rally teams to tag, dodge and slide! The Sponge Soakers Double Slide is the toy of the season - easy to set up and take down, reusable and loads of fun.

Size: 4.88 m long (16 ft. long)
Perfect for kids, ages 3+
Double-lane slide ends with a splashy drench pool finish
Built-in SplashBoost™ Sprinklers are specially designed for more efficient coverage and provide a cascade effect, keeping lanes slick
2 bonus side sprinklers to run through and jump over
8 reusable Sponge Soakers™ come in 2 different colors to squeeze, throw and splash, with friends
2 surf rider shields that act as shields to block incoming sponges and riders for sliding down the lanes
Simply connect a garden hose and start sliding
Contents: 1 slide, 8 sponge toys, 2 surf riders, repair patch
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