Terra by Battat – Horses – Assorted
Terra by Battat – Horses – Assorted
Terra by Battat – Horses – Assorted
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Terra by Battat – Horses – Assorted

QAR 35.00
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  • 10 different miniature horses in a tube, 60 fun animal toys in total!
  • Fun shapes and colors: Small figurines with bold colors and attractive designs. Great for kids and collectors!
  • Realistic poses: toy horses stand on their own 4 hooves in a variety of poses: Fixed, galloping, and drinking
  • Horse play-time: ideal for goody bag stuffers for an animal-themed kids’ birthday party!
  • Educational toy: provides information about wildlife; encourages imaginative play and compassion for animals
  • Size: horses are approximately 2-2-5 inches x 1-1. 5 inches long
  • This tube of small animals is made of worry-free materials. We make toys that are safe and sturdy at terra
  • Recommended for children ages 3 and up
  • Collect them all! Discover the entire Terra by Battat family of toy dinosaur and animal toy figures!
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