Stretch Superman
Stretch Superman
Stretch Superman
Stretch Superman
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Stretch Superman

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Introducing the Superman Giant Stretch Action Figure – Unleash the Man of Steel's Incredible Stretch!

Superman, renowned as faster than a speeding bullet and mightier than a locomotive, continues his never-ending battle for truth and justice! Now, you can experience the incredible stretch and resilience of this iconic DC Super Hero like never before.

Stretch him, pull him, or even tie him in knots – there's no challenge too great for Superman Giant Stretch. Release him, and watch in awe as he gracefully returns to his formidable form, showcasing his remarkable stretchability.

This fully stretchable, larger-than-life DC Super Hero action figure offers an unparalleled level of fun and flexibility. Whether you're recreating epic battles or testing the limits of his super-stretchy powers, the Superman Giant Stretch Action Figure is perfect for those aged 5 years and older.

Unleash the power of the Man of Steel in a whole new way and embark on thrilling adventures with this amazing stretchable superhero. Get ready for hours of action-packed play with Superman by your side, and witness his incredible stretch in action!


Dimensions (cm) (H x W x D) - 21 x 9 x 33
Age 5+

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