Chapmei SF Armored Siege Tnk PS
Chapmei SF Armored Siege Tnk PS
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Chapmei SF Armored Siege Tnk PS

QAR 349.00
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Product description

No matter how tricky the terrain, your troops are unstoppable with this Armored Siege Tank Playset! The massive free-wheeling tank has coloring perfect for camouflaging in the woods or on desert soil. Place a figure in the driver’s seat and let the firepower loose when you press the buttons. Flaming battle blasts light-up as explosive sounds play! Stand a figure in back to man the spinning machine gun turret. There’s also a command center equipped with radar, a free-wheeling combat cycle for stealth missions, and additional accessories. Includes two Soldier Force action figures. Bring home the victory!

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