Chapmei Soldier Force Army Deploy PS
Chapmei Soldier Force Army Deploy PS
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  • معرف المنتج WET106BOY00028

Chapmei Soldier Force Army Deploy PS

QAR 349.00
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Product description

No matter how big or dangerous the mission, your troops will prevail! The HET Heavy Equipment Transport truck carries everything needed for any situation on the battlefield. If the enemy is advancing below, command the helicopter and stop them from above! Spin the propellers as you pretend to fly. To meet the foe head-on on the terrain, man the free-wheeling truck and send it zooming into action. There are three different lights and battle sounds when you press the button! There's also a boat for water missions, and a bike to take through the woods to find enemy spies hiding. Attachable weapons and accessories bring more firepower. Includes two Soldier Force action figures.

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