Chapmei SF Bucket PS 100pcs
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Chapmei SF Bucket PS 100pcs

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Prepare for full-scale warfare! You can create epic combat scenes with this 100-piece set.  Start with the lid, which pops off and can be used as a gunner station for sniper fire, complete with a fortress and machine gun silo with moveable turrets. The inner package liner is fully illustrated and can be removed and used as a background for your battles. The set is loaded with soldier figures in various poses, divided between green and brown troops so you can set up the battle lines. There are also vehicles including a battle chopper with propellers you can spin, jet fighter and tank; plus fences, brick barricades and sandbags to build bunkers. When the combat is over, you can store all the pieces back in the box and replace the lid. The lid includes a handle so you can take the battle wherever you go. 

Features: Playset includes 100 pcs of soldier, small jet, small helicopter, small tank and accessories. Paper bucket base with plastic cover which can be used as a military base.

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