Chapmei Sealane Dino Mission PS
Chapmei Sealane Dino Mission PS
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Chapmei Sealane Dino Mission PS

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Product description

There are dinos at the outskirts of the water and the Dino Valley Recovery Team must bring them back to the sanctuary! You can help Rawhide track them down. Fit Rawhide into the cockpit and have him pilot the Seaplane above the water in search of dinos. There’s also a lookout tower to search for dinos, and to make sure all is going smoothly as the seaplane flies on its mission. Land the plane safely on its pontoons. Roll the free-wheeling plan along when it comes in for a landing. Press the dino fin to hear its ferocious roar and see its eyes light up. Dino figure and action figure have poseable joints. Includes snap-on backpack and tools for Rawhide, and dino eggs which can be snapped together to contain baby dinos.


Features: Playset includes 1 dinosaur, 1 plane, 1 figure, 1 tower and accessories. Attachable weapon and accessories. Dinosaur with light and sound. Plane with rotatable propeller.

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