Viga Activity Baby Walker - Pink
Viga Activity Baby Walker - Pink
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Viga Activity Baby Walker - Pink

QAR 249.00
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'-A baby walker combined with various toys, including a clock, a bead maze, a tracking maze, a small abacus, a rotating cylinder and turning gears.
-The walker is a fantastic walk along toy with sturdy construction offering support to develop babies' confidence, helping with balance and stability as little ones learn to walk. 4 non-slip rimmed wheels keeps the walker from slipping and a smooth rounded push along handle suitable for little hands.
-After walking for a long time, children can sit in front of the walker for a while, playing the toys on the front board.
-Brightly coloured counting beads on the small abacus help your child learn to count and assists with basic maths. The clock with moving hands help your child learn to tell the time. The turning gears with different colors help your child improve logical thinking and color cognition.
-While playing the colorful bead maze and tracking maze, children's hand-eye coordination and imagination skills can be greatly improved.
-This multi-functional walker can also promote kids' shape recognition and motor skills.
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