Little Live Pets Flamingo S2
Little Live Pets Flamingo S2
Little Live Pets Flamingo S2
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Little Live Pets Flamingo S2

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New from the World of Little Live Pets, Sherbet the Gotta Go Flamingo is one funny bird from beak to feet! This interactive, bright pink Flamingo loves to talk, sing, dance, eat and POOP! Open up Sherbet's mouth and feed him his magic Flamingo Food with his scoop. Then watch as his long neck wobble and wiggle as he gobbles it down! When he starts to sing his hilarious song, then you know "Uh Oh He's Gotta Go!" Quickly sit him on his included see-through toilet and watch him poop amazing, magic colorful poop into the water-filled toilet bowl! When he's finished, pour the poop back into the scoop! It magically dries instantly back into Flamingo Food so you can feed Sherbet again and again! As well as singing, Sherbet loves to speak, then record what you say and repeat it back to you! With his hilariously funny movement, sounds and reactions, Sherbert the Gotta Go Flamingo will have everyone giggling for ages.

  • Fun and easy to play
  • Safe and fun playing accessory for your little one
  • Made of high quality
  • Ages 4 +
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