Nebulous Stars Creative Sketchbook Nebulia
Nebulous Stars Creative Sketchbook Nebulia
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Nebulous Stars Creative Sketchbook Nebulia

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  • CREATIVE ENTERTAINMENT FOR KIDS: Keep your kids entertained and amused with this sketchbook set. Kids will want to stay and draw
  • HELP DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS: This kids sketchbook has drawing stencils to help kids progress in their fine motor skills
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: The kids sketchbook kit is best gift idea for kids, tweens, teens and the whole family. It includes everything you need for an amazing mystical experience.
  • 5 DOUBLE-ENDED COLORING PENCILS: This drawing sketchbook for kids comes with 5 two-sided coloring pencils, offering 10 colors that your kids will love!
  • INCLUDED: 35 pages sketchbook, 80 stencils, 3 rub-on patterns, 2 color sticker pages, 2 color-in sticker pages, 5 double-ended coloring pencils, 8 drawing techniques, color theory, Nebulia's complete story and color instructions
  • 7 years old above
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