Zuru Rainbocorns Big Eggzania
Zuru Rainbocorns Big Eggzania
Zuru Rainbocorns Big Eggzania
Zuru Rainbocorns Big Eggzania
Zuru Rainbocorns Big Eggzania
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Zuru Rainbocorns Big Eggzania

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  • 20+ Surprises to Discover!: Rainbocorns Eggzania is packed with over 20 unbeatable surprises.
  • Crack into your egg to meet your new Eggzania plush, complete with matching Yolkie, 5 mini egg surprises, Yolkie slime, Yolkie jokes and wearable accessories like rings, stamps, bracelets, and stickers.
  • This egg is oozing with oh so adorable surprises waiting to be hatched.
  • Collect the Full Dozen: There are 6 Eggzania plush and 6 matching Yolkies to collect.
  • Each plush and yolkie is made with silky-soft plush perfect for cuddles and snuggles.
  • Use your collectors guide to hatch them all
  • Yolkies: Brand new to Rainboville are Eggzania Yolkies! These fun sized Rainbocorns are the perfect pocket-sized friends.
  • Yolkies love to snuggle and cuddle so much that they attach to all the surprises inside! Hatch them all to complete your collection.
  • Pack Inclusions: 1x Eggzania Plush, 1x Eggzania Nes, 1x Yolkie, 5x Mini Eggs, 1x Collectors Guide, 1x Yolkie Joke, 1x Ring, 1x Stamp, 1x DIY bracelet, 1x Chain and 1x Eggzania Sticker Pack
  • RAINBOCORNS are the ultimate surprise egg.
  • Combining mystery unboxing, quirky surprises and cuddly plush, Rainbocorns are sure to be your new best friend.
  • There are so many surprises to find: Boo-Boocorns and reveal hearts.
  • The layers of magic and excitement never end! There are so many new Rainbocorns hatching from Rainboville - who will you find?!