ZPF832431BABY born Car Seat
ZPF832431BABY born Car Seat
ZPF832431BABY born Car Seat
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ZPF832431BABY born Car Seat

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BABY born has got to know a really great invention in the last few months: the drive-in cinema. From the back seat, she watches funny animated films with mom and dad. For this she has made herself comfortable in her car seat. The seat can be fastened in the car with the belt in no time at all. The seat's own harness system keeps the little one comfortably in place, even if she falls asleep during the movie. The seat of the colorfully printed fabric is kept in a subtle grey. The dog Bello and the rabbit Benno are on a cinema tour. And if the seat is a bit sticky from popcorn or delicious Block Buster tea, the cover can be removed for cleaning.

High-quality accessories for the BABY born branded play doll.
For extended, varied and long-lasting gaming fun.
Suitable for 36cm and 43cm dolls.
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