Ugears Globe
Ugears Globe
Ugears Globe
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Ugears Globe

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At Ugears, we like to think that each of our new models is a wonderful surprise and an incredible gift for anyone who loves beautiful mechanics. We want to give more with each model we invent. With this model, Ugears gives you - literally - the world. The Globus is a stylized model of the Earth with two sets of decorative continents, a rotating mechanism.

The Globus comes with step-by-step, colour instructions that are really easy to follow (in several languages including French). In particular, it does not require any glue or special tools to be fully assembled.
How the Globus Ugears works

Two parts make up the main module of the model: the globe and the platform with the mechanism. The sphere of the globe rests on an axis tilted at the same angle as the Earth's axis. Like most Ugears models, an elastic motor animates the Globus. However, in this case, the engine uses a different type of winding method. A lever in the base pulled once clockwise will completely lift the mechanism. Release the lever so that the gears begin their work. To slow the rotation of the Earth's sphere, the Globus uses a pendulum reduction mechanism. But if you want it to spin even slower, you can manually turn the Globus.

In addition to the main module, two additional interchangeable modules equip the model: the Shuttle and the Satellite. Choose which one you want to fly over your Globus today and set it to a special stand. The additional modules connect to the main module via the planetary gear. Because of this connection, they rotate almost twice as fast as the globe and perform almost two full turns in a single pull of a winding lever.

Technical info

High-quality wood from sustainable sources is the Aero-Lanceur's kit. It also contains everything you might need for assembly. In addition, we use a laser method to cut parts from a plywood board and provide precise cuts. Remove the pieces from the boards and assemble them to create the complete model.

To assemble yourself, without the use of glue.

Dimensions: 21 x 18.5 x 18.5 cm
Number of pieces: 184

Age Group 8 years plus