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Smoby Ks Slide

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The powerful play KS slide offers with its colorful design and its 150cm long slide much pleasure. for hot summer days: the slide has a water connection (no connection garden a), with which they can quickly transform into a water slide. This is double fun guaranteed! The wide slip spout provides soft landings. The circuit is protected by a railing, a wide base for maximum stability and non-slip stair treads. The slide is made of high quality up stable plastic and therefore particularly resistant to weathering and fading and meets the latest requirements for product safety. The KS chute can easily and quickly be mounted to your overall size with a total length of 159cm, a height of 100cm and a width of 68cm. To conveniently store it can be disassembled in just.

Product Dimensions
159cm x 68cm x 100cm

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