Wooden DIY Dollhouse Model 3D Puzzle
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Wooden DIY Dollhouse Model 3D Puzzle

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Educational fun: This wooden model kit is designed to make you or your child fall in love with arts and crafts. Assembling the entire kit requires you to learn skills like stitching, circuitry, and bonding. It is also a master at teaching soft skills like patience, following instruction, and concentration. The model kit can really help kids who have trouble developing good habits and focusing on one task.

Accessories: The model kit comes packaged in a beautiful box, and all the accessories are put inside different bags. Inside, you will find an LED light, potting, plywood, furniture, plants, and detailed instructions. The package does not include glue and batteries because they are forbidden in international shipping.

Ideal for group play: This is a fun project to do with friends or family members. Besides being a little complex, assembling the dollhouse could take anywhere between 20 to 24 hours. Extra hands and some teamwork would make it go much faster.

Fantastic décor: The Wooden DIY Dollhouse Model Kit will make a perfect birthday, Christmas, and valentine’s gift. It will even be a much better gift if you can assemble it together with the recipient and bond over the activity. While it’s not designed to be played with, this dollhouse will make a wonderful house décor once finished.

Safe and durable: This DIY mini dollhouse kit is made of durable eco-friendly materials and painted with non-toxic paint. The pieces are big in size and smooth all around to keep your child’s hands safe.