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Plum Toddlers Tower Wooden Climbing Frame

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For pioneering preschoolers, The Plum Toddlers Tower is the perfect introduction to outdoor fun and adventure. It's so easy to assemble and the combinations of color will surely love you kids. The wooden tower is specifically designed for little explorers to climb, swing, slide and hide, with lots of hand grips and gentle steps to help along the way.

For little siblings, the baby swing has a high back, seat belt, and super-soft feel ropes.
Bell, steering wheel and mini letterbox are all part of the fun.
Max User Weight: 25Kg

Hand-Eye Coordination - Playing on a swing set requires both balance and coordination; these two skills are developed together when a child swings. As a result, kids will be better at using their vision to adjust their balance and movement.
Sensory Skills - sense of motion will helps children understand the world from a different perspective when they’re swinging. The height and movement also offers up a different plane of motion and sensory stimulation.
Just like infants enjoy a gentle rocking motion, young children tend to enjoy gentle swinging motions to help them relax and fall asleep faster.

Product dimensions: 244 cm x 162 cm x 143 cm

Weight: 25 kg