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Plum Bowl Trampoline

QAR 9,999.00
Introducing the first generation of Free bound Trampolines. Plum Play have revolutionized the traditional flatbed trampoline; transforming the jumping mat into a new curvilinear form with three cutting edges, promising an even safer and springier bounce with unique features. The BOWL is the safest way to bounce. BE INSPIRED! BE YOU! FREE BOUND FREESTYLE!

The CURV creates a new contour play pattern allowing kids to express themselves through dynamic movement in boundless directions.
Super soft FLX bungees are super silent… Held by an FLX secure clip; 136 bungees work in unison, power
The unique BOWL experience inspires freestyle play in the ultimate safe environment; providing a space where kids can challenge themselves, learn new skills and ultimately build confidence. Influenced by extreme sports and the urban landscape, hi-tech materials give the BOWL performance power.
Max user weight: 125kg

Product dimensions: 416 cm x 258 cm x 258 cm

Weight: 125 kg