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Play-Doh Basic Fun Factory
Play-Doh Basic Fun Factory
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Play-Doh Basic Fun Factory

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Jumpstart creative and independent playtime with the Play-Doh Fun Factory. This set lets kids explore their imaginations and have fun squishing and squeezing Play-Doh colors to make up to 10 pressed shapes. This Play-Doh factory set includes two cups of classic modeling clay. It also features one pressing lever with form shapers and two sliding rails for limitless playtime creations. To play, simply load the kids' fun factory with a favorite Play-Doh color, choose a shape on one of the two rails and press the lever to squeeze out all kinds of silly shapes. Kids will love the freedom to create and the opportunity to share their creations. The Play-Doh Fun Factory is one of many playsets available for children to enjoy.


  • Ages 3 years and up
  • Product and colors will vary
  • Compound is not intended to be eaten