National Geographic Great White Shark
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National Geographic Great White Shark

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Wildlife Wow! Bringing Animals to Life!
Wildlife Wow is a revolutionary NEW wildlife series!
Soft and squeezable with the same level of detail as hard figures.
All new material! Made out of 100% Polyester Fibre.
Each figure is hand-painted with non-toxic paint by our highly skilled artists.
The free Wildlife Wow app from Nat Geo brings these toy animals to life with a free virtual and augmented reality experience.
The apps X-ray vision lets you see the skeleton structure inside the each animal.
Watch videos, learn fun facts, and explore each animal with educational interface.
Take silly photos and play with the animal in augmented realty (AR) mode.
Collection from Wildlife, Ocean, Safari, Farm, Dinosaurs (each sold separately.
Age Group: 3 and above.