Rainbow High - Jr High Violet Willow
Rainbow High - Jr High Violet Willow
Rainbow High - Jr High Violet Willow
Rainbow High - Jr High Violet Willow
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Rainbow High - Jr High Violet Willow

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  • RAINBOW HIGH INSPIRES CREATIVITY: Go back in time and meet your favorite students before they became friends and followed their creative dreams to Rainbow High. Each themed playset comes with a complete doll outfit, doll with new younger face-sculpts, and a soft fabric backpack to carry their school essentials. This playset will give kids endless joy and imaginative storytelling entertainment.
  • GORGEOUS FEATURES: Violet Willow is dressed in her signature PURPLE from head to toe. She has a gorgeous younger face sculpt, detailed features in her fashion, beautiful purple curled ponytails, long eye lashes and glass eyes. Collect the Rainbow of all the gorgeous Jr High fashion dolls.
  • JR HIGH FASHION: Violet got her first camera at 10 years old, and she still considers it the best day of her life. She couldn’t wait to start taking selfies and creating vlogs of her stylish outfits. She comes wearing a white cotton shirt, purple cardigan, pleated plaid skirt, sheer white socks, chunky heel shoes, and her school essential accessories.
  • SCHOOL ESSENTIALS: Meeting her BFF Sunny is high on the best-day list, too. They live across the street and have been inseparable. No surprise, most of her camera roll are pictures of them at school with their backpacks. She comes with a soft fabric satin quilted backpack with silver buckle straps and RH embroidery that opens and closes. Perfect accessory to store her faux fur pom pom scrunchies.
  • POSE YOUNGER & OLDER VIOLET TOGEHTER: She's 9 inches tall and fully articulated and posable, her arms and legs bend for so many glamourous poses. Or you can display her with her older version for a perfect collector combo.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: Fashion doll, a complete doll outfit, a pairs of doll shoes, a pair of sheer white socks and doll accessories- soft fabric backpack that opens and closes, a pair of faux fur pom pom scrunchies and doll comb.
  • WATCH ON YOUTUBE & NETFLIX: Watch the Animated Series on YouTube & Netflix! Just search for "Rainbow High Dolls."
  • For ages 6 years above.