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Kindikids Kindi Fun Supermarket

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Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Supermarket, 2 Shopkins, and vinyl playmat. Come inside Rainbow Kindi, a place where every day is about playing and making friends, as the Kindi comes to life! Rainbow Kindi is full of playful personalities like me, the Kindi Fun Supermarket! Kindi Kids love shopping and playing with me, with the cutest things to buy and activities to try! Pop a Shopkin on my scales, and see it bobble and sway as they get weighed! Checkout your Shopkins on my Kitty scanner, then open the register by sliding my little card to pop in the coins! Place your Shopkins on my "Shop 'n' Drop" conveyor belt and when you're ready to check out, press the button and see them drop down into the shopping basket! There is even a spot for Shopkins to chill in my Cold Storage Area! With so much to do, I am the "One Stop Fun Shop!". Included with the Kindi Fun Supermarket is a GIANT color playmat that opens out to a huge kindergarten Supermarket corner area! There is a place for all your Kindi playsets on it, to make a magical Kindi! All the Kindi Kids will love to explore and play there! Included with the Supermarket are a Bananas Shopkin and Magic OJ Shopkin that are exclusive to this playset!