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Kindikids Kindi Fun Refrigerator

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Rainbow Kindi is full of playful personalities like me, the Kindi Fun Refrigerator! The Kindi Kids will be queuing up for cutest ice cubes when they find out how much fun it is to dispense them into the cup. My eggs jiggle in their tray, when you twist the Fridge Magnet! Open my doors to display up to 10 Shopkins on my shelves! I come with 4 exclusive Shopkins to play and display - 2 cute Egg Shopkins, 2 Ice Cube Shopkins and 1 Lettuce Shopkin! It's the perfect place for the Kindi Kids to play! The Kindi Kids refrigerator is full of cool things to do with the Kindi Kids! Watch their adventures on YouTube. Load up the Ice Cubes in the freezer, and pop and drop them out the front! Twist my magnets to see the egg Shopkins jiggle! I can hold so many yummy treats inside of me! Includes 4 Exclusive Shopkins! Place me on the Kindi Kids Supermarket playset mat, where I have spot just for myself! Set includes: Refrigerator Playset, 1 Egg Shopkin, 2 Ice Cube Shopkins, 1 Lettuce Shopkin, 1 cup.