Dragons Realms Crystal Plush Assorted
Dragons Realms Crystal Plush Assorted
Dragons Realms Crystal Plush Assorted
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Dragons Realms Crystal Plush Assorted

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Hatch your own soft and huggable dragon! Your favourite dragon characters from DreamWorks Dragons are available in all-new 3-inch squeezable Dragon Egg Plush. Scoop up a colourful dragon egg with unique pattern and lift off the top of the egg to discover a dragon surprise inside. Each adorable dragon has big lovable eyes and cute baby dragon looks! You can use the bottom of the egg as a cosy nest! Which dragon will you hatch? There’s Toothless, Winger, Lightfury, Stormfly, Summer and more to collect (each sold separately). Collect them all! Engaging in imaginative play and pretend play enhances children's development. The characters come together for exciting storytelling play. Play out dragon adventures together! Dragon Egg Plush collectibles are fun-to-open, mystery gifts great for kids and dragon trainers! Collect them all!

  • Crack open the plastic egg to find an adorable baby dragon!
  • Your new friend fits in the palm of your hand and is ready to be your plush pal!
  • Use the bottom of the egg as a nest for your baby dragon – the perfect place to play and display
  • Place your dragon back in the egg and hatch again and again!
  • Become a dragon trainer and collect your own fleet of plush dragons!
  • You can hatch Toothless, Winger, Lightfury and more to add to your dragon collection
  • For ages 4+