Inkfluencer Style N Sketch Fashion Journal
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Inkfluencer Style N Sketch Fashion Journal

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Design and sketch your own fashion drawings with the inkFLUENCER Style N Sketch Fashion Journal! Partnering with TikTok influencers We Wear Cute, inkFLUENCER brings you fun, trendy, social media-inspired art supplies. With the Style N Sketch Fashion Journal, create your own influencer-inspired designs and artwork! Draw anything that inspires you with the marker or cut out a trendy icon from the sticker sheet to style. Choose from different fashions and accessories, including Polaroids, sneakers and more! Remove the backing from the sticker and apply it onto the journal page, then peel off the clear plastic layer of the icon to reveal a sticky area left on the surface. Next, embellish your icon with the metallic transfer patterns! With five stylish patterns included, pick your favorite, set it on top of the icon, and firmly rub to make the pattern stick. Peel the transfer off to reveal the filled-in area! The Style N Sketch Fashion Journal’s unique transfer system makes it so easy to design inside the lines for flawless fashions – the metallic transfers only adhere to the sticky parts from the icon stickers. Make your design dazzle with some of the gems and sketch in extra details with the included marker or the Click N Color Marker Sets (each sold separately; journal marker also compatible with the Click N Color Marker Sets). Share your finished fashion art with friends, turn the page and create again and again! Plus, with enough room inside the journal, you can even insert the looks you styled with the Style N Create Light Desk and the Gamer Fashion Pack (each sold separately) and keep all of your beautiful designs in one place! For easy storage, pack everything inside the journal’s zippered pouch and take it with you on the go. Express yourself with the inkFLUENCER Style N Sketch Fashion Journal!