Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox
Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox
Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox
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Kinetic Sand Super Sandbox

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  • 10LBS OF KINETIC SAND: Kinetic Sand is the original, squeezable play sand kids love! Fluff the sand, feel it flows through fingers like slow-moving liquid! Satisfying oozes, moves and melts!
  • GIANT SANDBOX: Create epic sandcastles and sand art again and again in this Super Sandbox Set that’s 3 feet long! Use your portable Sand Box as a play space and fold it up when you’re done for easy clean-up!
  • 10 CASTLE-THEMED MOULDS AND TOOLS: The Super Sandbox Set has everything you need to create epic sandcastles! Use the moulds to create walls, bridges, and towers. Use the tools to cut, dig, and shovel!
  • 3 COLOURS TO MIX AND PLAY: Includes 1lbs of green, 1lbs of blue, and 8lbs of brown kinetic sand! Mix two or more coloured sand together to discover new colours or layer the colours for mesmerising creations!
  • Includes: 1lb (453g) of green Kinetic Sand, 1lb (453g) of blue Kinetic Sand, 8lb (3.6kg) of brown Kinetic Sand, 1 tower mould, 1 wall mould, 1 stairs mould, 1 straight brick mould, 1 curved brick mould, 1 turret mould, 1 scoop and knife tool, 1 shifter & rake tool, 1 dragon character, 1 catapult, 1 folding Super Sand Box, 1 instruction sheet