Nerf Ultra Speed Blaster
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Nerf Ultra Speed Blaster

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Nerf's Ultra Speed Blaster is cranking up the speed of its dart blasters to seven darts a second. Hasbro says the blaster, set to launch in August and unveiled on Thursday, is fully motorized and the fastest-firing blaster it's ever produced.

The blaster comes with 24 of Nerf's Accustrike Ultra darts to load up the two 12-dart clips included in the package. While speed is certainly the point of the Nerf Ultra Speed Blaster, it sounds like you'll spend more time picking up your 24 darts than firing them -- unless you buy more darts.

Nerf recommends you wear protective eyewear when using the blaster, which makes sense considering the firing speed. Neither eyewear nor the six C batteries that power the blaster are included with the package. The blaster will sell for $72 in the US. That price roughly converts to £60 or AU$120.

The Ultra Speed Blaster is the latest in Nerf's Ultra line of dart shooters, which started in 2019 with the Nerf Ultra One Blaster. That blaster touted its further-flying darts, which Nerf said could fly as far as 120 feet (37 meters).