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  • SKU: HSO106BOY00641

Nerf Mega Motostryke

QAR 449.00
  • MOTORIZED 10-DART BLASTING: Power up the motor and fire 10 Nerf Mega darts fast with motorized blasting from the clip-fed Nerf Mega Motostryke blaster
  • BIG IN POWER, BIG IN SIZE: This big Nerf Mega blaster has the size and the power to overwhelm competitors with motorized, multi-dart, mega-sized blasting
  • 10 NERF MEGA DARTS AND 10-DART CLIP: Comes with a 10-dart removable clip and 10 big Official Nerf Mega darts that make a whistling sound as they fly through the air
  • Age 8 years and up.