Transformers Toys Cyberverse Ultra Class Bumblebee
Transformers Toys Cyberverse Ultra Class Bumblebee
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Transformers Toys Cyberverse Ultra Class Bumblebee

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  • 6. 75 Inch Bumblebee Figure: The Bumblebee figure is an impressive 6. 75 inches tall.
  • Power up the Bee with the Power Armor - Combine Ultra-class Bumblebee with Energon Armor to turn it into its power-up mode. He draws his Cybertronian saber weapons in the last conversion step to activate his Energon ArmorUp feature. The armor is fixed automatically
  • Weapon Conversion Toy - Easy transformers conversion for kids ages 6 and up. Convert Bumblebee toy from car to robot mode in 8 steps. It is a great gift for children
  • TRANSFORMERS Cyberverse Character - Classic black and yellow Bumblebee toy robot inspired by the fearless explorer from the Transformers Cyberverse, as seen on Cartoon Network and YouTube.
  • Inspired by the cartoon network show: In the G1-inspired Cyberverse series, giant Transformers robots from the planet Cybertron engage in epic battles, harnessing the power of pure energy with their Energon Armor! Kids can imagine unleashing this new ability with this Ultra Class figure