Hot Wheels Monster Maker
Hot Wheels Monster Maker
Hot Wheels Monster Maker
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Hot Wheels Monster Maker

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  • The Monster Maker expands the world of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and includes an entirely new dimension of creativity with Hot Wheels 1:64 scale vehicles!
  • Giant tires and outrageous styling make Hot Wheels Monster Trucks the gotta-have toy truck kids love. Include the element of creativity by changing and "designing" their own vehicles with Hot Wheels cars and the fun is off the charts.
  • ​Unlock their imagination and storytelling with this exciting assortment of 5 different colored truck chassis with 2 each complementary Hot Wheels Basic Cars with exclusive decos.
  • ​Built to smash and crash and rule the road and now delivering a unique and fresh new way to play and grow with Hot Wheels vehicles and Monster Trucks.
  • ​Perfect activity for ages 3 and older. Challenge kids to explore, experiment and create the biggest, baddest and best Hot Wheels Monster Truck ever. Kid-tested and approved!