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Barbie Noodle Maker Doll Playset

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Product Description

  • With the Noodle Bar Playset, Barbie doll inspires young chefs to be creative in the kitchen and hone their culinary skills
  • ​Playset includes Barbie doll, noodle-making workstation, 2 dough containers (one white and one green), bowl with lid, extra bowl for eating, play knife and 2 pairs of chopsticks.
  • ​To get the noodle-making started, take the white dough from the container, put it in the hole in the middle of the workstation and put the bowl with lid over it. Pull the sideboard down and watch the noodles appear in the bowl Wow
  • ​To make veggies for the noodles, put the green dough in the mold on the other side, and push the top down. Now you have broccoli Just trim the excess off, cut into pieces and add to the noodles
  • ​Now it's time for Barbie doll and friends to enjoy the noodles with the extra bowl and 2 pairs of chopsticks