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Marbles Brain Workshop Pokie Dokie

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  • Fun 2 Player Game: It's hard to play just one round of the simple and addictive word-building game, pokie dokie. Using a letter-loaded game rack, players race to throw words before the letters fall. Challenge your brother or friend to a party that is "fun". Exit "F" and "U" and "N".
  • Boost your brain: The pokie dokie game is educational and entertaining. Practice your word building skills by yelling and pulling out as many words as you can. It looks easy, but the letters are on the right side up, sideways, or down and fall in different patterns while Poke. Stay focused as you get words out to win!
  • Modern Game Design - The premium game, pokie dokie, features high-quality, vibrant game pieces and a sturdy game shelf with wooden accents. Leave the game on display at home and its bold colors and sleek design will spark a conversation - or invite to play spontaneously!
  • Pokie dokie is a competitive word-building game for kids and adults ages 8 and up. Load the dice and shout, "pokie dokie!" to start the fun.
  • Includes: 1 pokie roll holder, 35 letter dice, 6 wild dice, 1 sand timer, instructions (Spanish language not guaranteed).