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Spin Master Game Baa Baa Boom

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Bubbles the sneezy sheep loves to eat! Feed her treats when you play Baa Baa bubbles and her wool Made of real bubbles grows! Apply the solution (included) onto bubbles, scatter the meadow tiles around her and take turns flipping them over. Feed her the number of times shown on the tile and watch her sudsy wool grow. But be careful: if bubbles is allergic to what she eats, she?ll sneeze, blasting her bubbles and you?ll lose your tile! If she doesn?t sneeze and happily eats, keep the tile. The player with the most meadow tiles at the end of the game wins! This anticipation-filled game of bubble-blasting fun is great for kids to play alone or with the family. Have a blast feeding bubbles the sheep with Baa Baa bubbles, the bubble-blasting sheep game!