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Frozen 2 Talk And Glow Olaf And Elsa

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In Disney's Frozen 2, the magical connection between Elsa and Olaf forms an unbreakable bond. These Talk and Glow Olaf and Elsa dolls let kids imagine friendship-filled scenes from the movie! Slide the switch on Olaf's head and give him a nudge to wake him up, then lift the RC Elsa doll's right arm, and Olaf moves, talks, and glows. Lower Elsa's arm and raise it again to activate a different movie-inspired phrase from Olaf. He will also move and glow again. The Olaf doll has more than 20 sounds and phrases! After approximately a minute of inactivity, the dolls will enter sleep mode. Give Olaf a nudge to start the fun again! Give this set of favorite Frozen characters as a holiday gift or birthday present for kids ages 3 and up who love the magical world of Disney Frozen