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Fisher Price Core - Masters Moves

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Movi says, 'Let's Play!' This cool little robot is ready to roll, and get kids moving and learning along with him! With 360 degrees of mobility, Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag Movi™ encourages preschoolers to get their minds and bodies moving while teaching them how to follow directions and think critically about the world around them! With 3 exciting game modes and 6 games to choose from, Movi keeps kids thinking (and moving!), whether he's asking them questions to engage their critical thinking skills, prompting them to follow directions to a fun game, or getting silly on the dance floor and showing off his smooth moves. Kids will have a blast showing off their awesome listening skills and rockin' moves with this interactive learning robot! Where development comes into play™ Following Directions: With active games like 'Red Light, Green Light' or 'Movi Says', preschoolers practice their listening skills and following directions. Critical Thinking: When Movi asks kids to think about an object and asks what shape that object is, he's encouraging them to use those all-important critical thinking skills! Movement & Motions: Whether it's an all-out dance party or pretending to be different animals, Movi gets your preschooler up and moving!