Ecoiffier 100% Chef Sandwich Box In A Tray 14Pcs  Image#1
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Ecoiffier 100% Chef Sandwich Box In A Tray 14Pcs

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Sandwich box with 2 sandwiches, which can be filled according to taste. The choices are: lettuce, tomatoes, meat and / or cheese. Other accessories: a box with 2 eggs, a glass of mayonnaise, yoghurt, fruit, a cake and a bottle of water. As the best-known toy manufacturer in France, Smoby Toys knows what makes children happy - and parents happy: Innovative toys that help the little ones to discover and train their own abilities, cheerful, colorful and full of ideas. Because we love children, we protect them. That is why age-appropriate, safe toys are so important to us. Smoby Toys is an expert in tested toys based on the latest educational research, from baby to school age. The most important thing is: Playing with Smoby products is just so much fun!