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Double E RC Mercedes Benz Container Truck

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Double E  RC Mercedes Benz Container Truck 


Fast and slow gear two gears can be adjusted shifting, suitable for normal driving and tractor and carriage connection two states; .the tractor and the carriage can be remotely connected and separated; . The tractor can remote control forward / backward / left turn / right turn / traction on / off. The carriage can remote control support bar up / down;  Simulation sound: Acceleration sound, reverse sound, warning sound, horn sound, traction work sound;  Before and after the simulation of the front and rear lights;  Remote control distance: ≥ 20 meters; 1speed: Fast file: ≤ 4.6km / h Slow gear: ≤3km/h

Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G

Channel: 2CH Battery Battery:Ni-cd 300mah 4.8V

Transmitter battery: 2xAA(not included)

Playing Time: 10-12min Charging time: 80 min

Controldistance: 25M

Max speed: 4.6km/h Product size:60.6*16.1*21.7