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Disney Princess 2In Blind Collectables

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Surprise Comics doll in each box: kids will randomly get 1 of 12 Disney dolls in each comic book-inspired box, making each gift for them A surprise
Favorite Disney Comics characters: kids have the chance to receive Aladdin, Ariel, Aurora, beast, Belle, Charlotte, Cinderella, Eugene fitzherbert, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, or Tiana
Comic strip included: 5-panel colorful comic strip depicting down-to-earth Disney Princess adventures included with the doll
Collector's guide and doll stand included in every pack: kids can keep track of which dolls they've collected with an included guide and can put their dolls on display with doll stands
Disney Princess doll collection: kids who love the vast collection of animated Disney movies and comic books can build a doll collection of all 12 characters in series 1 (each sold separately. Subject to availability)
Minis packaging and figures may vary. Series may vary. Subject to availability.