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Bestway - Scoops'N Smiles Ice Cream Truck Ball Pit

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The scoops ‘N smiles ice cream truck ball pit is the perfect indoor toy for inspiring hours of fun playing make-believe. This enclosed ball pit looks just like a kid-sized version of the real thing. An open space in the back of the truck provides a spot for your child to climb in, while the other three sides feature inflatable walls with windows for looking out. It features two toy ice cream cones that fit into an attached inflatable tray table that hangs from the ice cream trucks open window.

  • The Inflatable Scoops 'N Smiles Ice Cream Truck Ball Pit (122 x 84 x 84 cm) serves up delicious fun!
  • Featuring an inflatable table which can hold 2 ice cream cones, 10 play balls that double up as ice cream scoops and inflatable sides and padded bottom, this ice cream truck will get the little ones into active play and expand their imagination
  • Designed with safety valves to lock in inflation even when playtime gets a little rough
  • Made with durable and pre-tested vinyl, this inflatable ball pit is built to stand up to tons of jumping, bouncing and playing
  • It comes with a repair patch – perfect for a quick fix to keep the fun going!